Esteyco Mechanics provides support at different levels and stages of development in Big Science projects in order to help scientists and researchers in the conceptual and detailed design of new, one-of-a-kind equipment conceived for specific and novel applications. This support usually takes place in the context of large international scientific projects.

Our activity ranges from engineering consultancy services in very specific, non-conventional aspects associated with a certain component or system, to the integral engineering development of singular items or complex assemblies, including prototyping, testing and final manufacturing and delivery. Main Esteyco Mechanics assets include: i) Large experience in the design and manufacturing of complex and one-of-a-kind mechanical systems, ii) Advanced analysis capabilities and sound engineering judgement in an extremely wide range of disciplines, iii) Familiarity with main design and construction codes, iv) Combined and strongly coupled civil-mechanical engineering approach, essential for those developments involving large components and complex interfaces, v) Expertise in instrumentation and state-of-the-art developments in the engineering-oriented interpretation of experimental data, vi) Mechatronics