Mechatronics and movable structures

One of the main lines of activity for Esteyco Mechanics is the design of movable systems and structures that include actuation mechanisms with various degrees of positioning accuracy as well as the corresponding control and safety systems.

Esteyco Mechanics expertise in mechanical design, structural dynamics and control have been extensively applied in this field, supporting the development of many systems in some of the most relevant research facilities worldwide, such as ITER, EST and IFMIF-DONES. Experience gained in other industrial fields outside Big Science domains is also a key asset of Esteyco Mechanics in order to provide efficient and proven solutions to materialize conceptual ideas originated in research institutions and laboratories.

Remote Handling systems in the ITER Neutral Beam Cell

High precision positioning of heavy loads for IFMIF DONES Test Cell installation and maintenance

ITER Divertor Cassete Toroidal Mover

Dynamic non-linear FE modelling of the European Solar Telescope enclosure for actuation sizing

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