Esteyco Mechanics works in the design and analysis of complex mechanical systems and structures.

Most engineering processes are tackled very efficiently by experienced engineers who routinely apply methodologies, design rules and practices developed over the years by the engineering community, and which are widely accepted by the industry. This workflow allows engineers to come up with safe and reasonably optimized designs very fast, resulting in a highly productive way of doing things. Yet, there are cases in which what is to be designed or the answer to the question that must be addressed is a bit beyond reach for these very efficient everyday practices. Esteyco Mechanics activity focuses on these cases that require an in-depth knowledge of more general principles in structural mechanics.

We are a multidisciplinary team of highly qualified engineers, experts in structural & mechanical design and analysis, who work in non-conventional engineering problems in the general field of structural mechanics. Our activity is normally linked to new developments that demand a deeper understanding of the key factors driving their performance in order to find feasible solutions.