Recommended practices and well-established design rules bridge the sometimes huge gap between a true understanding of highly complex systems and deriving a safe design for those. Going one step beyond in the understanding of these systems response is the ultimate goal of Esteyco Mechanics as the only way to provide sound answers to our clients for non-conventional structural problems. A coupled analytical and experimental approach is unrivalled in these contexts, which is a key distinctive feature of Esteyco Mechanics state-of-the-art capabilities.

The design of civil and industrial infrastructures sometimes faces challenges that must be addressed through consistent approaches based on an in-depth knowledge in structural mechanics. Whether during construction or at early design stages, our experience in aspects such as structural capacity evaluations, construction processes or seismic engineering has been successfully applied in a variety of fields from large hydro-projects, to singular buildings and bridges, complex industrial infrastructures or non-conventional foundations.

Our client portfolio ranges from major construction companies to big engineering firms or smaller design offices requiring specific support in non-conventional aspects of their projects.