Instrumentation & structural monitoring

Monitoring civil and industrial infrastructures is important not only for investment protection but also to guarantee the safety of the operators and/or users. It is often the case that monitoring is only considered when issues are detected in the structure and the structural integrity needs to be assessed. The Esteyco Mechanics team has experience in such assessments in which current monitoring data needs to be analyzed in order to generate accurate predictions on the future behavior of the structure.

From ESTEYCO we also believe that the monitoring plan should exist since the beginning of the project, being an integral part of the design that allows not only a reactive maintenance but also predict the state of the system at every stage throughout its lifetime. This is the case of the Tokamak Systems Monitor, which is being design and implemented through a Framework Contract with Iter, and aims at providing quasi-real time information of the state of the Tokamak Nuclear reactor covering all engineering disciplines (electromagnetic, dynamic, thermal, hydraulic, fatigue, etc.)

Construction processes. Plaza de las Glorias. Barcelona

Infrastructure monitoring, for example the Plaza de las Glorias


Experimental characterization of anchor plates. JRC Ispra/F4E

Monitorization of road bridge. Spain

Modal characterization of concrete slab. OTIS