The future lies in the sea. In our Foundation’s book Esteyco, the first 50 years we already dedicated a specific chapter to the sea and all its potential. Three quarters of the Earth is covered by water. The potential for growth and sustainable development in the oceans is immense and can be realised with an unequivocal commitment to decarbonisation by 2050. Esteyco could not be more identified with this approach.

We have been working since 1996 as a benchmark in the wind power industry and since 2010 in offshore wind power, which has provided us with extensive knowledge and experience in designs, in the application of regulations and guidelines and in the use of simulation tools. All this through an experienced multidisciplinary team with more than a decade of offshore wind power experience and who have worked on a multitude of sites, turbines and markets. We can offer engineering services and disruptive technologies covering the full project cycle and ensuring integrated services that minimise CAPEX and OPEX, maximising energy production.