Marine engineering

Esteyco has a strong marine engineering department with strong capabilities including, among others, analysis of meteocean conditions, advanced hydrodynamic modelling (ANSYS-AQWA/ORCAFLEX/NEMOH/OPENFAST), detailed evaluation of sea loads – waves and currents – and wind loads, marine design and verification of all types of floating structures, with extensive knowledge of applicable codes and regulations, load analysis and evaluation of Station Seakeeping System (SKS) performance: design and specification of mooring line systems (chain or synthetic solutions) and connection details, design of different types of seabed anchors, including self-installing gravity anchors, analysis and design of multibody hydrodynamic simulations with advanced modelling of fendering systems, interconnecting lines and interface load analysis, specification and supervision of tank testing, procedures for marine operations, including contingency procedures, specification and costing of marine extension, feasibility assessments of operations (weather window analysis).

Esteyco has also developed leading-edge software tools for coupling hydrodynamic analysis software with advanced structural simulations (FEM) in ABAQUS for a more advanced joint analysis of hydrodynamic behaviour and structural design.

Design, modelling, testing, transport and installation in ©ELICAN project

Partnerships with multiple universities and research centres for tank testing campaigns (©WHEEL)


Orcaflex model for ©WHEEL

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