Land engineering

Soil-structure interaction, with all its many cases, is a key field in fixed-bottom structures and one that, in our opinion, is still largely unexplored. Perhaps the most appropriate way to do so is to consider that soil is also a structural material which, like all other structural materials, has to meet two essential conditions: the condition of equilibrium and the condition of compatibility of deformations. From the awareness that the classification of the terrain in the sea is very complicated and its heterogeneities are greater, as are its uncertainties. But also from the conviction that, in practice, many geotechnical problems are solved by accepting simplifications. The fact is that geotechnics, like structures in general, is a science on the one hand and an art on the other. And therein lies one of its greatest attractions.

In the last decade we have had the privilege of being able to develop a specialised geotechnical consultancy in several offshore wind power projects, from conceptual and feasibility studies to detailed designs. We have been involved in the installation and subsequent monitoring of completed projects with all the learning and lessons applicable to future projects.

Channel tests for project ©ELICAN without bottom preparation

Geotechnical analysis in Empire Wind OWF (FEED)

Lake Erie sludge study – OWF icebreaker

Liquefaction compatibility studies Formosa III – Taiwan. Pre-design with gravel columns

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