Over the years, Esteyco has built on a way of approaching jobs that we might call multidisciplinary collaboration, developing ideas from many different professional viewpoints, based on a wide range of experiences and with the knowledge base of each professional, all coming together to complete robust, long-lasting projects. This strong multidisciplinary approach, creating architecture from engineering and applying engineering to architecture, is very much what the trust built up with the architecture studios we have worked closely with over the years is based on.

Major city, urban-development and architecture projects have been developed at Esteyco over the last thirty years, since the dawn of the Barcelona Olympic Games. At the time we didn’t realise just how much Barcelona’s urban planning and way of doing things would affect our work. A whole host of projects, tenders, works and partnerships have enriched our stock and that of everyone around us, enabling us to offer better projects with every new job we undertake, not only in Barcelona but also in Madrid, Bilbao, Colombia and other locations.