Urban development

Designing and building in the city requires, not only the vision of the project from an architectural and urban planning point of view, but also a solid technical knowledge of the construction systems and materials, of the applicable regulations in each context of action, of the applicable procedures for each customer etc. Over the years, Esteyco has forged a way of approaching urbanization works which implies the verification of the so-called multidisciplinary collaboration. This refers to ideas that are developed from many different professional approaches, based on diverse experiences and with the background of the knowledge of each professional, which subsequently converges in solid and long-term projects. This is a procedure to approach projects in a serious and multidisciplinary way, by encouraging the involvement of engineering in architecture and making architecture through engineering. A multitude of projects, tenders, works and collaborations have enriched our background and that of our entire environment up to the present. This allows us to offer better and more solid projects with each new job.

Coverage and urban development of new access routes to Sants station and the surrounding area, Barcelona

Green corridors: criteria for the new Ensanche, Barcelona

Casernes de Sant Andreu. Barcelona

Buenaventura sea wall, Colombia

Rambla de Carmel, Barcelona

South West Green Path (Madrid River extension). Madrid