ESTEYCO Foundation


In May 1991, the Esteyco Foundation was established with the aim of contributing to the progress of engineering and architecture in our country. The situation of precariousness and uncertainty in which the independent Spanish engineering has been developing, has hitherto demanded basically survivalist attitudes.

The efforts of a growing group of professionals and administrative bodies have, however, consolidated a sector whose services are considered indispensable in a modern and efficient society.

It is time to think about the future, trusting that it will not take long to be present.

Let us contribute to a solid training of engineering professionals, aware that organizations are worth what their members are worth and that in engineering the value of people is measured by the level of their knowledge.
Let us encourage better and more frequent interprofessional collaborations, eliminating unnecessary borders.
Let us reclaim a qualitatively prominent space of engineering in society and promote the evolution of the prevailing culture of doing towards the culture of thinking.
Let us be involved with the University and research centers.
Let us assure the stability and survival of our organizations and establish the means so that its vitality, guarantee of future, is not weighed down.
Let us value our independence, not as a weapon against anyone, but fundamentally as an intellectual attribute inherent to those who have the craft to think, inform and decide freely.
Road, Channel and Port Engineer
President of the Esteyco Foundation