In May 1991 the Esteyco Foundation was set up with the aim of contributing towards furthering the progress of engineering and architecture in Spain. The unstable, uncertain situation in which independent Spanish engineers have had to work to date has required to approaches that are basically been driven by survival.

The efforts made by a growing group of professionals and public bodies has, however, been consolidating a sector whose services are viewed as being essential in a modern, efficient society. It is time to think of the future, trusting that it will not be long before it turns into the present.


  • We contribute towards solid training for engineering professionals, aware as we are that organisations are only as good as their people and that in engineering people’s value is measured by how much they know.

  • We encourage better, more frequent partnerships between professionals, doing away with unnecessary barriers.

  • We demand a qualitatively significant place for engineering in society, fostering the evolution of mainstream culture towards a culture of doing by thinking.

  • We should feel involved with universities and research centres.

  • We should assure the stability and robustness of our organisations and take steps to ensure that their vitality, the guarantee for the future, is not held back.

  • We should value our independence, not as a weapon to be used against anybody, but mostly as an intellectual attribute that is inherent to those whose job it is to think freely, inform and make decisions.

Javier Rui-Wamba Martija | Civil Engineer President, Esteyco Foundation


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