In recent years, the terms “green economy”, “net zero” and “circular economy” have been high on the European Union’s agenda, following the global trend towards sustainable economic growth. This has raised the level of attention on the environmental impact of materials, production methods, maintenance and life cycle practices of infrastructure and energy assets. The effort to combat the climate crisis will continue for decades, so what has so far been considered business as usual will not be sufficient to achieve the ambitious Net Zero targets by 2050. And renewables, especially offshore wind power, will play a key role in achieving this.

All these challenges are driving us to review our approach to projects, looking for new solutions and design developments that support the transition to a more sustainable world and respond to the specific needs of the market. Therefore, Esteyco has decided to adapt sustainable strategies and practices in all its services and technologies for offshore wind power, from the design phase to the end of the life cycle of the assets. This framework allows us to aim for a positive environmental and social impact and to lead the change from a linear to a circular economy.

Source Google Earth. Data SIO, NOAA, U.S. Navy, NGA, GEBCO. Image Landsat/Copernicus. Image IBCAO.

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