When it comes to BoP on wind farms we are not dealing only with the design of the civil and electrical works for the farm. Our services range from resources studies to field work, geotechnical and surveying tasks, as well as hydrological and flooding studies, and total viability considering the interaction between various disciplines, among other services. We have worked in around thirty countries, on more than one hundred wind farms, for a total power rating of more than 15 GW, designing roads, access tracks to farms or interiors or platforms, etc., always with logistics very much top of mind. All this while assuring compatibility with the OEM demands, and even sometimes optimising their requirements. Designing for building is our premise, so we usually assign on-site support teams. In short, multidisciplinary projects, often complex ones, where investing in engineering in time is the basis for completing a job with no unpleasant surprises.

Esteyco has always viewed itself as a civil-engineering firm, with key skills in structures and geotechnics. But as part of the natural evolution that has taken place in recent years, we have incorporated skills in various other disciplines, particularly electricity. We have learned to adapt to the local regulations and specific ways of building in each region where we work. We take them into account when designing low and medium voltage and, whenever necessary, we seek support from local partners for the high-voltage network, including substations. Communications, earth systems and SCADA, among others, play a natural role in our projects In some cases, when quality and representativeness standards so require, we even design the control building and other auxiliary facilities.

Aerial view of a wind farm entirely developed by Esteyco

Facilities associated with the wind farm

Blade transport

Marshalling turbines and blades

Work platforms

Finished works


Turbine-to-substation connection

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