Solar photovoltaic

In 2050, photovoltaic solar energy will be the second major source of electricity generation, immediately behind wind power, pointing the way for the transformation of the world’s energy sector. Photovoltaic energy is expected to cover one quarter of the total energy needed globally. The photovoltaic solar sector is also quickly evolving, thanks to innovations that are occurring across the entire value chain. And further cost reductions are expected soon.

What role can an engineering firm like Esteyco play in a sector where economies of scale and good procurement management are key factors in achieving the expected profitability? We must take into account that only with a broad outlook will we be able to satisfy all the needs of photovoltaic projects, where the plants are getting larger and larger, as well as more complex, generating hundreds of MW. Here, good planning engineering and an integrated information-management system shared among different suppliers can avoid conflicts and diversions on site. A good balance is also needed between earthworks and the height of the trackers, which have a significant financial impact. Carrying out a thorough hydrological and run-off study also enable drainage and access to the plant to be resolved, anticipating any issues during operations.

Development-support engineering: resources studies

Solar photovoltaic plant

Information-management systems: BIM. From the project to completion, as a valid tool for operations

Solar photovoltaic energy in architecture

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