Tool development and programming for specific applications

Structural assessments in civil and industrial infrastructures typically cover a wide range of calculations which, in general, should comply with certain codes and standards. In most instances, commercial software provide the required tools to perform such assessments. However, the increasing demand for novel structural solutions, the growing offshore market and the involvement in the nuclear fusion sector have brought ESTEYCO to develop the capability to implement design rules or structural assessment codes for specific applications where conventional software fail to provide a solution.

ESTEYCO’s expertise ranges from full development and programming of tools for novel applications, bot for internal and external use, to the support of our client in the validation and verification of non-conventional existing tools, involving multiple codes and standards (ASME, RCC-MRx, British Standards) and programming languages (Fortran, Python, MATLAB).

Codes and standards

Fracture mechanics assessment of tubular joints

Fracture mechanics fatigue assessment on Blanket Modules

3D visualization tool for structural margins on components

Automatic tools for efficient visualization of structural assessment results –RCC MRx–

Structural assessment of anchorage plates

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