Experimental testing

Experimental testing is key to understand complex physical processes and validate engineering models. This becomes especially relevant in non-traditional environments in which conventional engineering codes and standards may be over-conservative or even non-applicable or where development of new methodologies is required.

Esteyco Mechanics has a vast experience in the design, set-up and analysis of results for experimental campaigns in a variety of fields such as structural dynamics, thermal systems and aerodynamics. We aim to support our clients from the conception of the experimental campaign, definition of specific needs and desired outcomes, procurement of equipment, experimental set-up, experimental campaign and assessment of the results. We keep our support well after the tests are finished to help draw conclusions and guide our client in the next steps to improve their product or engineering system.

Impact test of Nuclear Doors. ITER

Flexible cryolines dynamic characterization. ITER

Validation of identification algorithms. ITER

Wind tunnel tests for the European Solar Telescope. Imperial College London

Clamping systems for waveguides cooling. ITER

Verification of the Cryostat Support Bearings. ITER