Systems with thermal requirements

Instruments and specific equipment in Big Science may be subjected to relevant heat loads and/or must meet stringent thermal requirements. These arise as a result of a potential variety of needs, ranging from ensuring an equilibrated power balance, to maintaining dimensional stability or securing the required pointing and tracking accuracy.

Esteyco Mechanics expertise in thermal and mechanical design has been traditionally applied to helping our clients in the development of complex systems either passively or actively cooled, from conceptual design stages up to final design and prototyping. Experimental capabilities and physical testing are also intensively used when needed to better characterise complex thermal responses.

Optimisation of waveguide power evacuation

Thermal CFD simulation of heat transfer inside high-temperature vacuum cavity

Thermal CFD of single pier configuration for the European Solar Telescope

IFMIF-DONES Test Cell thermal balance

Cooling module for thermophotovoltaic (TPV) cells

Thermal response of actively cooled shielding elements