Systems under relevant dynamic loading

Structural dynamics play a fundamental role in the design of many systems and components in Big Science and dynamic loads often become the design driver due to the severity of the expected loads, the needs for investment protection or the restrictive requirements associated with high precision components. In this context, it is crucial to correctly evaluate the nature and physics of the loading as well as the dynamic properties and response of the systems. The capacity to understand and analyse these load scenarios will lead to meaningful structural assessments and to the proposal of design solutions that can minimize the effects of these loads.

Esteyco has a very wide experience in the design and analysis of complex mechanical systems, ranging from non-conventional monorail cranes to industrial lifts carrying nuclear loads, under significant dynamic loading such as seismic loading, electro-magnetic loading, cyclic loading from heavy industrial equipment or fast transient events. Moreover, the analysis experience is continuously complemented through the participation in experimental campaigns that provide invaluable information to validate and improve the analysis methods and design solutions.

Cask Docking System design for the Cargo Lift. ITER

MAC – Condensed dynamic representations

Direct transfer of spectra techniques through random vibration theory

Dynamic response of European Solar Telescope

Equatorial Port Plug under Electro Magnetic loads, ITER

Vertical reaction forces for the Tokamak Machine for SL3 event

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