Liquid metal facilities

The importance of liquid metal technologies (e.g., lithium, sodium, lithium-lead alloy, silicon, etc.) is heavily increasing in the last few years due to its several uses in various industrial sectors such as nuclear fusion, energy storage or high-temperature cooling applications. The associated technological challenges go significantly beyond the standard problems. Some examples of these challenges are: thermal management, complicated safety procedures due to their high reactivity with water and air, potential activation due to nuclear reactions, magnetohydrodynamic (MHD) effects, high electrical conductivity or important corrosion effects for common structural materials amongst others.

ESTEYCO Mechanics has gathered a large experience in this sector designing several systems working with a variety of liquid metals. We may offer expertise in different phases of the design process ranging from the earliest conceptual stage up to detailed design also including supply of singular components or turnkey integration of the whole liquid-metal facility with the required ancillary systems. Our experience range from standalone facilities up to the integration of these technologies in larger, more demanding scenarios such as ITER, DONES or DEMO with their additional associated complications, especially in terms of safety, nuclear environment and complex interfaces with other systems.

Conceptual design of an experimental facility to control impurity content in liquid lithium

Design and implementation of instrumentation for lithium target assembly. DONES

Design and analysis of the European liquid lithium-lead Test Blanket Module concept. F4E / EUROFusion

Global view of MAPLE lead-lithium loop

Design of PbLi circuit for WCLL Breeding Blanket. DEMO

Ceramic crucibles for liquid silicon