The road of the future

The world is changing. The target of zero emissions by 2050 and the need for concepts of sustainability, carbon footprint and circularity to be applied to all projects would seem to call into question the development of new roads in Europe, traditionally associated as they with vehicles powered by internal-combustion engines. This evolution towards environment-friendly infrastructure strengthens criteria that we have been applying at Esteyco for many years now, such as the revolutionary design of the Vía Parque de Calviá in Majorca or the concept for the Ronda del Vallés in Barcelona.

In all our projects we have always viewed roads as infrastructure corridors that channel and bound territories, the use of which may evolve depending on society’s needs at any given time.

The necessary coexistence of private vehicles and public transport, with pedestrians and cyclists; the unstoppable arrival of electric vehicles and the need to transform the network; or the opportunity for energy generation and distribution that road infrastructure represents; all are major opportunities to make use of and transform infrastructure that is vital in order for countries to develop.

Urban integration and planning. Soria city

Study for the renovation of Manga island, Cartagena de Indias

La Ronda del Vallés: a proposal for consensus

Transformation of the N-II road as it passes through Maresme

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