Public entities

Our history cannot be understood without the Ministry of Development’s Highways Department or regional ministries. Esteyco’s evolution in road design has gone hand in hand with the quite extraordinary transformation of road infrastructure in Spain over the last 50 years.

From project design to works control and site surveillance. We were honoured to be among the pioneers who helped to implement the supervision of projects at the Highways Department over 25 years ago. Since then, more than 25 billion of completed works have been supervised by Esteyco across the entire Spanish road network.

Today, this extensive network must be maintained and adapted, and Esteyco still plays a leading role in asset management on Spain’s roads and their necessary ecological conversion.

en_Obra publica_Autovia A-23_paso por el rio_Huesca

A-23 Mudéjar dual-carriageway crossing the river Guarga, Huesca

Berga–Bagá section of the C-17 in Catalonia

New Western Ring Road, Malaga

Ermua bypass, Interbiak, Basque Region

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