Concessions: the example of Chile

Few engineering firms can boast of having been involved in practically all the road concessions tendered and built in Chile over the last decade. Several sections of Route 5, such as Serena–Vallenar, a source of learning and experience, or more recently Los Vilos–-La Serena, have helped Esteyco to consolidate its position in Chile; complex concessions, including ones with a change of ownership during the study phase, as occurred on the Nogales–Puchucanví section of Route F-20, have enabled us to get to know the country better and demonstrate Esteyco’s capacity for adaptation and service. We have worked with practically all the Chilean and international concession holders to prepare bids, demonstrating to all of them the professionalism and value of engineering at the right time when a project is being developed.

After more than a decade’s work, we can now proudly say that Esteyco Chile S.P.A. is registered in the top category for road structures and works by the Chilean Ministry of Public Works. Yet another step forward in our firm commitment to Chile and high-value engineering.

Route 5 La Serena–Vallenar concession

Route F-20 Nogales–Puchucanví

Route 5 La Serena–Ovalle

Incahuasi bypass

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