Esteyco has traditionally been viewed as an eminently structural consultancy, owing to Javier Rui-Wamba’s prestige and that of our works. The truth is, however, that for more than forty years, in a natural process, diverse disciplines have been brought on board to broaden our skills and services. The first of these was geology and geotechnics, because of the clear link with structures and the necessary understanding of transferring loads to the ground. Today, we can point to our having designed and participated in the building of dozens of tunnels. First, working on projects of the Highways Department. Later on, we turned to railway projects to develop the HST network. And now we are increasingly involved in complex urban projects, burying infrastructure and urban integration, where the necessary dialogue between such disciplines as route planning, structures, land engineering, installations and architecture enables matters that at first looked like science fiction to be resolved, achieving major urban transformations, such as the Glorias tunnels in Barcelona, the future South Western Path in Madrid, including the burial of the A-5, and the Malaga sea front.

Tabladillo–North Western LAV tunnel

Auzo Txikia, Basque Y

Guadarrama tunnels (new rail links to north and north-west Spain)

Emergency galleries in tunnels in the Basque Region

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