The soil–structure interface, with everything it involves, is a highly significant field and one that we feel largely remains unexplored. The best way of doing it may be to view soil as also being a structural material, which, like any other, must address two essential conditioning factors: that of balance and that of deformation compatibility. While always being aware that characterising land is extremely complex, presenting considerable heterogeneity and uncertainty. But we are also convinced that in practice many geotechnical problems are resolved by accepting simplifications. It is undeniable that geotechnics, and structures in general, are a science and at once an art. And that is one of their most attractive features.

For more than forty years Esteyco has been tackling and resolving geological and geotechnical problems in its projects: tunnels, burying urban infrastructure, land improvements, special foundations, maritime and port works … In many cases we handle not only the geotechnical study but also the campaigns. Plus, of course, as with structures, asset management from a geological and geotechnical point of view.