Land improvements

Understanding how the soil works, its strengths and weaknesses, is key to assuring the success of a project. How many times have we been able to save kilometres of piles by carrying out preloading in good time? How many land-clearance treatments have enabled us to save thousands of cubic metres of excavation work? Being able to understand and strengthen the soil given its weaknesses has enabled us to resolve building stages on complex urban projects. As always, appropriate coordination between structures and geotechnics, understanding the soil and the information that is truly necessary in a geotechnical campaign has enabled us to optimise and be more efficient than effective.

Hundreds of Esteyco projects have benefited from this capacity to improve soil before we forget about it and move on to seek more consistent layers for the foundations of our structures. Millions of euros saved for the public purse and our clients, nearly always because we have been able to tackle projects with an overall approach.

Preloading at the Port of Barcelona

Follo Line: Ski-Langhus, Norway

Aldaba–Txiki, Basque Y

Gravel columns, BEST container terminal links (Hutchinson)

Jet grouting beneath railway lines at Plaza de las Glorias

Land improvements in building work