Esteyco’s approach to structure can be understood only in terms of the school created by the extraordinary figure of Javier Rui-Wamba. Statements such as “structures are not calculated; they are felt”, “ductility is a bridge across our ignorance and structural tenacity expresses its tolerance to damage”, “you should not calculate a structure unless you can draw it”, “formulas whose physical significance is unknown should not be used”, or “we should not use computers to size a structure that we don’t know how to calculate manually”, some of which are included in the book Aforismos estructurales, published by the Esteyco Foundation, help us to understand how Esteyco approaches the design of any type of structure, from a bridge to a special antenna.

While it is impossible to cover all the variety and complexity of the structures that the firm has designed over the last 50 years, we have extracted some project groups to make it easier to understand the work we do and the skills we have.