Quietly but steadily, Esteyco has designed thousands of structures. We are a benchmark both in Spain and abroad when it comes to the design of bridges of all kinds, participating in the drafting of numerous guidelines and recommendations for the calculation of structures.

With our innovative approach focusing on environmental integration, we pioneered the use in Spain of concrete post-tensioned with non-adhering cables, the use of high-strength concrete and as a driving force for the introduction of integrated structures on roads and railways.

“A bridge is usually viewed as a paradigm of rationality. That is not entirely true. Because a bridge, one that deserves such a fine name, is the fruit of the convergence between reason and feeling.” Javier Rui-Wamba, Pensamientos escritos.

Bridge over the river Guarga

Bridge over the river Henares

NNorkopping, Sweden

Bridge over the river Turia LAV link to Valencia

Casteldefells viaduct

Proposal for Agustín de Foxá viaduct

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