Special structures

We are privileged to enjoy excellent relations with the world of architecture. And a reputation for being able to come up with simple solutions for complex issues or intentions. These two premises have enabled us to make our contribution, with structures, to special projects: refurbishing a submarine base in France, transferring a Roy Liechtenstein sculpture to full scale, working with the European Space Agency on the design and build of several deep-space antennas in Spain and Argentina; football stadiums, LNG tanks, sculptures, icons … while always designing by thinking of the building process and the materialisation of ideas.

As Javier Rui-Wamba says: “if it must be done, let’s do it properly.”

Rail-link cover structure at Sants station, Barcelona

Barcelona’s Head (Liechtenstein)

Photovoltaic pergola at the Forum of Cultures, Barcelona

LNG tank in Gujarat, India

Refurbishment of St Nazaire submarine base, France

Refurbishment of Riazor stadium, La Coruña