Special industrial building

Esteyco is not an engineering firm that specialising in building. There are surely other consultancies that are more competitive and quick to provide solutions for conventional building projects. But we are interested in and have considerable experience of working on a “grand scale”: museums, stations, industrial buildings, pavilions, stadiums, etc.

When building is on the scale of civil works, or when a project calls for large spaces and flexible functionalities, we have been able to apply structural engineering to conceptualise buildings that are appropriate for the intended needs.

Pioneering techniques, such as the use of slabs post-tensioned with non-adhering cables, allow large spaces to be laid out in building (we have designed spans of up to 15 m with 40 cm slabs) to make the use of space more flexible. The industrialisation and “buildability” of solutions are always present in our designs.

Construction of the Viralgen building, San Sebastián

University of Port Harcourt, Nigeria

Pavilion of the Discoveries, Seville

Biomass plant in Vielle St. Girons, France

World Trade Centre, Sofia, Bulgaria

Altos Hornos Bizkaia