Iter singular systems

Esteyco Mechanics is heavily involved in the design, analysis and justification of many of the most critical systems in ITER since 2009. This covers a variety of systems including vacuum, safety, cryogenics, remote handling and a long etcetera. This long experience and broad understanding of the ITER project provide the group with a unique capability to address the challenging technical topics normally associated with such a complex project. This is recognized by both ITER Organization and Fusion for Energy with the continuous flow of relevant contracts assigned to Esteyco Mechanics over the years.

Primary vacuum leak detection systems

European TBM program

Analysis and Design activities for Vacuum Vessel Pressure Suppression System (VVPSS)

Analysis and design activities for the ex-vessel waveguides of the ITER electron cyclotron upper launchers

Flexible cryolines

Structural Integrity Assessment of the ITER Cryostat

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