Fusion reactor global mechanical response

Esteyco Mechanics experience in the study of the global ITER Tokamak machine mechanical response over the last decade is unrivaled worldwide and provides a unique asset for the full exploitation of ITER and the future development of DEMO and other Tokamak fusion reactors. A deep understanding of the thermal and mechanical constraints involved has been generated, leading to a decisive contribution in the assessment and development of crucial aspects of the project.

The works performed by Esteyco Mechanics in the Tokamak reactor cover a wide spectrum of engineering activities including the design of supporting elements, the derivation of seismic loads, the structural assessment of key components, the study of the nonlinear response of the Tokamak machine under severe loading and the development of the future monitoring system designed to gather and process a vast amount of valuable information during operation. The opportunity to work in such a wide range of activities has resulted in an integral knowledge of the reactor global mechanical response which will be essential for future stages of its development and operation.

Complex nonlinear support devices. Vacuum Vessel Gravity Support. © ITER site

Nonlinear response under severe seismic loading

Derivation of seismic Floor Response Spectra. Tokamak Machine

Analysis of seismic interface forces at supports

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