Advanced monitoring systems

Esteyco is leading the development of the ITER “Tokamak Systems Monitor (TSM)”, a software suite specifically designed to provide an integrated view of the overall hydraulic, thermal, structural and electromagnetic response of the main Tokamak systems (Magnets, Vacuum Vessel, Blankets, Divertor, Cryostat, Thermal Shields and Diagnostics Port Plugs) using the available discrete measurement data to reconstruct critical information not directly available from the several thousands of sensors that will be fitted in the main Tokamak Systems. Since it is not feasible to install these sensors in every single critical location, the algorithms developed shall provide a complete definition and assessment of the state of the machine, both for engineering performance and integrity point of view.

Near real-time processing allows an online evaluation with a few seconds latency. Offline refinements expand the online calculations for in-depth detailed analysis after the plasma discharges. The Tokamak Operator will receive all this information within the control room for managing scarce resources, operational limits, and decision-making. Eventually, the TSM will contribute to optimize the trade-off between maximal performance and equipment lifetime.

Toroidal field coil gravity support instrumentation

Tokamak systems monitor HMI

ITER Tokamak dynamic finite element model

ITER equatorial port plug-12 thermal reconstruction

Methodology for development of dynamic reconstruction algorithms

Testing of dynamic reconstruction algorithms