Energy storage

The need for novel efficient energy storage systems is a direct consequence of the pushing growth of renewable energy generation aiming for net zero carbon emissions. Whilst there is still a large development required in chemistry-based traditional batteries (e.g., lithium or solid-state batteries); the different industrial actors also demand novel disruptive technologies that may be highly competitive for different applications. Many of these technologies (such as hydrogen cells or thermal storage to name the most promising ones) are still undergoing a development process in order to overcome some of their most significant engineering challenges. These obstacles are usually related with very stringent thermal and mechanical requirements that the current industrial developments struggle to meet.

Focusing on the growing market on thermal storage (molten salts, molten metals or single-phase storage) where Esteyco is currently involved and could therefore offer its expertise from different perspectives: design and construction of technology demonstrators, development of new compatible materials, very high-temperature thermal management, structural and mechanical design of highly loaded components, management of high electrical currents, etc. Virtually all these technological challenges meet the global expertise of ESTEYCO Mechanics’ team and benefit from a broad background of transferrable engineering skills gained in our numerous projects in high technology environments hence representing a solid base to rely upon in order to provide useful support to companies developing novel energy storage solutions.

Molten silicon thermal storage solution

Pressurized tanks under relevant thermal loading

Technology demonstrator for high-efficiency thermal insulation applied to thermal energy storage

Mounting sequence of technology demonstrator

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