The development of hydropower plants normally involves large civil engineering infrastructures as well as complex heavy equipment. Mechanical and structural requirements may pose demanding constraints that need sound technical engineering capabilities in order to be efficiently tackled. Esteyco Mechanics is experienced in both new designs, equipment replacement and retrofitting projects, providing support to our clients, from equipment vendors to construction companies or facility owners.

Esteyco Mechanics experience in complex structural issues has focused on developing state-of-art methodologies for the analysis and design of both arch and gravity-based dams. Our dual civil / mechanical nature has also proved a valuable asset in this field, offering an integrated view at the always complex interfaces between the equipment and the civil works. Better designs and significant cost savings have been achieved by applying a common and consistent approach at both sides of the interface.

Support in retrofitting projects for existing plants

Civil / Mechanical interfaces

Spiral case foundation design

Support to the design of arch dams

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