Solar energy

The activity of Esteyco Mechanics in solar thermal power plants focuses on two main areas: collector design and support in the thermal-mechanical design of the receiver and associated systems, both for linear concentrating and tower systems.

Dimensional stability and accurate tracking performance for high precision flat or parabolic mirrors are key for a successful operation of concentrating solar thermal power plants. These two objectives require an efficient design of the supporting structures and actuation mechanisms. Survival considerations under extreme events, mainly wind, must also be accounted for in the design of the supporting elements. Thermal mechanical considerations are fundamental in a balanced design of the receiver and associated sub-systems, for which Esteyco Mechanics has gathered a lot of experience.

Although thermal mechanical consideration tend to be less restrictive in photovoltaic plants, Esteyco Mechanics staff has carried out several projects involving support for the design of solar trackers and, in particular, the retrofitting of existing designs since 2007.

Retrofitting design of solar trackers

Design of actuation mechanisms under severe thermal and wind conditions

Support to the design and thermal and/or mechanical optimization of concentrating solar thermal power plants

Support in the thermomechanical design of the receptor and associated systems for tower systems

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