Landscape integration

There is a certain tendency to put the natural landscape in opposition to the built landscape. We do not share this point of view. The natural landscape, in simplified terms, does not exist. Because it is created in people’s minds and in most cases reaches us via man-made technology. The landscape is a human creation and as such we could refer to the “humanised” landscape, a specific chapter of which is the “built” landscape. The landscape is also a dynamic concept rather than a static one: time affects how the landscape is perceived.

The landscape created by infrastructure may be influenced to an extraordinary degree by the nature of the processes that frame its genesis. All the infrastructure that has been built has a story behind it. Some of which it is probably best not to mention. And the lamentable appearance of all too much existing infrastructure is a manifestation of the pathologies in the processes used and their aftermath. This situation should in any case highlight the merit of those constructions that, despite everything, have presented highly satisfactory results. Thanks to the efforts and sensitivity of those who develop, conceive, design, build and maintain them. This has always been and always will be Esteyco’s approach when it comes to tackling the design of any kind of project.

Metro/railway integration at southern link to Barcelona

Tunnel-mouth treatments on the Ermua bypass

Burial of the A-62 passing through Simancas

Landscape integration on the Basque Y

Urdaibai biosphere reserve

Integration of bridge over the river Henares in Guadalajara