Water is vital for our planet. We depend on it for drinking, for agriculture and for livestock, and numerous species need freshwater ecosystems for their survival. AS the climate changes, so will the fresh- and saltwater resources on which our societies and economies are based. And our relationship with water will change as well — or at least it should. We need to evolve towards a complicated future where water, the earth, the atmosphere and all the living things who inhabit it will change forever.

Esteyco has decades of experience of water infrastructure: from purification and treatment plants to large supply and irrigation networks. Our work has always begun with civil works, but with understanding and dialogue we have become steadily more involved in water and treatment projects, and we have learned to work jointly on implementations that could not be considered solely in terms of industrial processes.

Water-supply network in Tegucigalpa, Honduras

Road infrastructure at Alcolea reservoir

Water treatment in the Castrovido dam area

Works for the Biscay Water Consortium

Water-supply and irrigation infrastructure, Majes-Siguas, Peru

Lower Bidasoa treatment plant in Hondarribia

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