Urban railways

Trains and cities may well be where Esteyco can offer the greatest value. Railways in metropolitan areas — whether metro, tram or commuter services — must run underground in many cases, in coordination with the complex network of infrastructure and services that cross the subsoil of cities. They must also then emerge to the surface, collect and deposit users, integrating into the urban fabric and generating new development opportunities.

When so many disciplines come together, our multidisciplinary vision is even more important and we feel able to offer the best of ourselves. We have been a key actor in complex metro, tram and commuter projects in Catalonia and the Basque Region, particularly in Barcelona and Bilbao, respectively, but we have also played our part in such notable works as the Alicante tram system, while making our experience available for a potential passenger-transport system in Santa Marta and Baranquilla in Colombia.

Integration and coverage, Rodalies Barcelona

Boulevard del Pla, Alicante tram system

Unquera bridge, Oviedo–Santander line

Integration and burial of Bilbao Metro line 3

Barranquilla tram system, Colombia

Barcelona Metro line 1