Hst lines

The modernisation of Spain’s rail network with the arrival of HSTs in 1992 has become an international reference point and model. Nearly 40 million travellers now use HST services every year in Spain, to the extent that it has become the number-one choice of public transport for long-distance journeys in mainland Spain.

Esteyco has been involved in this huge transformation practically from the very beginning, with more than twenty projects on all the lines developed so far. This experience has enabled us to apply new knowledge for other public bodies, from the Basque Y for ETS to the new HST lines in Scandinavia, such as the Follow Line for the Norwegian National Rail Administration or the Stockholm–Malmö line for Trafikverter in Sweden.

HST line in Spain (+30 projects and works consultancies)

Follo Line Ski-Langhus, Norway

Basque Y, Tolosa–Hernialde section

First HST line in Spain: Madrid–Seville

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