Ports and logistics

In Spain, less than 10% of goods transport is by rail, whereas in Europe’s most highly developed countries this figure is often higher than 50%. However, Spain has more than 7,500 kilometres of coastline and one of the best port networks in Europe. This situation, together with the huge transformation of the country’s rail network in recent decades, including the Mediterranean Corridor, has opened up a vast range of opportunities for logistics in Spain.

For years now we at Esteyco have been stressing this link between transport infrastructure and ports, providing solutions that adapt to the country’s existing infrastructure. As an example of this, we were the first to design and implement a four-way diversion in Spain, at the Port of Barcelona. Indeed, we have developed a dozen or so key projects over the last decade at the Barcelona logistics hub, accumulating knowledge and experience that we have been able to export to other countries and regions.

Esteyco projects at Barcelona logistics hub

Zaragoza Maritime Terminal (TMZ)

VIIA rail motorway

Arasur logistics terminal

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