Wind turbines

Wind-turbine towers are fascinating structures. Apparently simple though they may be, they are key elements in the race to achieve higher turbine power ratings and increases in rotor sizes for greater efficiency and therefore lower LCoE, the standardised cost of energy.

For more than 20 years Esteyco has been at the forefront of the design and development of wind-turbine towers. From our precast-concrete towers to hybrid solutions with a concrete pedestal and a steel tower, all serve to showcase our skills. We have developed projects in Spain, Brazil, Poland, Mexico, South Africa, Germany, Chile, India, the United States and China. We were the first to certify a concrete tower, nearly 20 years ago now. We were also pioneers in self-erecting towers, with our telescopic tower, with full-scale prototypes in China and Spain. We were the first to identify the potential of offering types of foundations that would enable the hub height to be increased at practically no extra cost, giving rise to hybrid towers that open up a field of huge opportunities and savings for turbine manufacturers and developers.

Thanks to all this experience andknow-how we have become a benchmark worldwide in design and implementation, on-site support and even forensic analysis.

Precast concrete turbines

Study of flat panels for wind turbines

Concrete wind turbines cast in place

Forensic engineering (©Ventus Ingeniería S.A.)

Hybrid wind turbines

Self-hoisting wind turbines

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