We are probably one of the world’s leading engineering firms in the design of structures for the energy sector — wind, solar and gas — and certainly the one that has acquired the most experience and know-how when it comes to concrete wind-turbine towers.

More than 10,000 foundations on wind farms built all over the world, designing an average of 1,000 foundations every year, adapting to local regulations and the construction techniques and requirements that are specific to each region. With constant dialogue between structures and geotechnics, we have designed foundations of all kinds, including slabs, pile, anchorages and precast. We are also benchmarks in geotechnical matters, often so key when it comes to finding the optimal solution: land improvements, seismic loads or liquefaction, for example. Our precast concrete wind-turbine tower is still being built in many countries. But we haven’t stopped there. We are also a benchmark in the design of hybrid towers, having designed cast-in-place and metal towers. We have our own site supervision teams with extensive experience of on-site implementations and troubleshooting. And we are also recognised points of reference in forensic engineering, whenever unfortunate incidents occur. In short, more than two decades of experience in structures in the energy sector, where we have adapted to the role that our clients need the most.