On May 11, the “Presentation of the winning bid” event for the “BASIC PROJECT AND CONSTRUCTION PROJECTS OF THE NEW GIJÓN INTERMODAL STATION” tendered by Adif took place in Gijón. This contract was awarded to Esteyco in March, in consortium with B720 Fermín Vázquez Arquitectos and Geocontrol.

This project includesque the integration of the Iberian gauge and metric gauge railway lines between Bertolt Brecht Street and the Metrotrén tunnel already executed, based on the solution proposed in the informative study approved and agreed by the administrations involved.

The key point of this integration is the new intermodal station of Gijón, which should accommodate medium and long-distance services in Iberian gauge and all metric gauge services that converge in Gijón, facilitating the interchange with the main commuter line that will circulate towards the Metrotrén tunnel, urban transport modes (including personal mobility vehicles and soft mobility) and the future intercity bus station, which will be integrated into the intermodal complex.

The projects must optimize the railway functionality of the new infrastructures and facilitate their execution while maintaining the railway service throughout the process. At the same time, they should allow the gradual transition from the provisional Sanz Crespo station to the definitive one.

The entire action will be integrated into the urban fabric, according to the planned uses, evolving from the extension of the Moreda park over the railway accesses to the appearance of the new station building as an urban landmark and its adaptation to the proposed urban road.

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