The Quality and Environmental Management System of ESTEYCO includes activities related to the drafting of studies and projects in civil engineering and architecture, technical assistance, project management and control, civil and building works. These activities are carried out in the workplaces located in Madrid, Barcelona (Spain), Bogotá (Colombia), and Santiago de Chile (Chile). The system complies with the requirements of ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 standards. Recognizing its legal and social responsibilities regarding Health and Safety at work, ESTEYCO considers Occupational Risk Prevention as an integral part of its management model applied to all areas of its activity. The organization acknowledges that responsibilities are shared throughout the organization and commits to promoting, developing, implementing, and maintaining best practices in Occupational Health and Safety. This commitment is integrated into its system following the requirements of ISO 45001:2018.

ESTEYCO Managemnet is commited to:

  • Directing company activities towards customer satisfaction, aiming to exceed their needs and expectations.
  • Complying with legal requirements related to the environment, as well as those related to service quality, and other regulatory or specific customer requirements.
  • Maintaining and improving the competence and involvement of personnel by promoting their active participation.
  • Ensuring commitment to the project and the client.
  • Providing qualified technical support.
  • Constantly optimizing processes.
  • Protecting the environment by implementing actions to prevent pollution and minimize the environmental impact of various activities.
  • Promoting continuous improvement of the Management System and processes, ensuring their permanent adaptation to the company’s reality.
  • Preventing harm and deterioration of workers’ health.
  • Set up processes and criteria to guarantee prevention, promotion and surveillance of employees’ health.
  • Training and informing employees in Occupational Risk Prevention.
  • Promoting the same preventive principles of improving Safety and Health and Working Conditions in suppliers and contractors.

This policy serves as the reference framework that the Management uses to establish annual objectives. It is periodically reviewed to ensure its relevance and adequacy, aiming to guarantee the continuous improvement of the system’s effectiveness.

The company´s management.

February 2024.