Esteyco Quality and Environmental Management System includes activities related to civil engineering and architecture as preliminary and feasibility studies, technical assistance, construction management and project management, reports, planning studies, preliminary design, basic projects, detailed designes, Project supervisión, developed in Madrid, Barcelona (Spain), Bogotá (Colombia) and Santiago de Chile (Chile) workplaces and covers the requisites of the ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 standards.

Aware of its legal and social responsibilities in terms of Workplace Health and Safety, ESTEYCO includes the occupational risk prevention as an essential part of its management model and it is applied to all areas of its business activity. Furthermore, it recognizes that these responsibilities must be followed by the whole company and it is committed to promote, develop, implement and maintain the best practices in terms of Workplace Health and Safety. For this purpose, ESTEYCO includes the ISO 45001:2018 requirements in its system.

ESTEYCO Managemnet is commited to:

  • Direct the Company activities towards customers satisfaction, trying to overcome its needs and expectations.
  • Fulfill the legal requirements both environmental and related to the Quality of the service, safety and security of the workers, as well as other statutory or particular requirements of the customers.
  • Keep and improve the staff competence and involvement promoting their active participation.
  • Ensure the commitment with the project and client.
  • Provide qualified technical support
  • Constantly optimize processes
  • Protect the environment, developing actions oriented to prevent pollution and minimize environmental impact that may generate the development of different activities.
  • Continuous improvement management system and processes, ensure the permanent adaptation to the company reality.
  • Remove danger and reduce risks that could affect workers’ health, as well as providing safe and healthy work conditions for injuries prevention and health damage.
  • Set up processes and criteria to guarantee prevention, promotion and surveillance of employees’ health.
  • Provide a frame of reference for the stablishment of workplace safety and health goals.
  • Train and inform employees about Occupational Risk Prevention.
  • Promote the adoption by suppliers and contractors of these improving preventive principles of Safety and Health and Working Conditions.

This quality and environmental management policy is the frame of reference that the Directorate uses to set the annual objectives. It is regularly reviewed to maintain its adequacy and validity and to ensure the continuous improvement of the quality and environmental management system effectiveness.

The company´s management.

October 2019.