Undergrounding of the A-5 road

Esteyco is designing the new Green Way in southwest Madrid, which will be generated as a result of the undergrounding of the A-5 at its exit from the capital. An extension of Madrid Río that will create a backbone of a new longitudinal connection between the west and the centre of the city, connecting five districts, generating new transversalities and healing the urban fracture of one of the most complex areas of the entire metropolitan área. The project also seeks the connectivity and insertion of the Way in the city’s green infrastructure network on the scale of the metropolitan forest.

The project includes the undergrounding of the old A-5, the current Paseo de Extremadura, between the end of the tunnel connecting with the M-30 at Avenida de Portugal and the area around Avenida de los Poblados. The aim is to provide a definitive solution to the problems of congestion, accidents, noise and air pollution, accessibility and safety that exist in a very degraded area with more than 80,000 vehicles per day.

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