Renewables, with wind and solar power at the forefront, play a key role in the ambitious decarbonisation targets that have been set in Europe. We need only consider the transformation of the world’s leading oil companies and their commitment to renewables and sustainability, positioning themselves as managers of energy far beyond that sourced from fossil fuels. If we add to renewable generation the very real possibility of storing energy with batteries or green hydrogen, then the possibilities are immense, and it seems that this time we are not going to miss this opportunity.

Esteyco has opted for sustainability strategies for its technology and services, from the initial design stage right through to dismantling. This sustainability framework enables us to point towards a net positive social and environmental impact for assets, leading the changeover from a linear economy to a circular one.

Mobile plant to reduce emissions from transport and strengthen local content

Prefabrication and concrete, to reduce the carbon footprint

Technology that enables local cranes to be used, reducing the project’s carbon footprint

Photovoltaic pergola at the Forum of Cultures as an icon of sustainability in Barcelona

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