Asset management

Efficient asset management is essential in order for an operator to maintain reliable generation and be successful. During the life cycle of projects, renewable-energy assets need to be professionally managed to assure optimal functioning and maintain the assets’ high value. However, it is not always viable for a company to have the necessary experience in-house. Over the last decade Esteyco has specialised in providing professional management of the structural part of renewable-energy assets. We have inspected more than 2,500 turbines at 130 wind farms all over the world, using Esteyco’s own equipment for temporary or permanent monitoring. We have also become benchmarks in root-cause analysis (RCA), assessing original designs and considering strengthening them or taking other action to assure or extend their useful life. The aim is to maximise energy production, minimise down time and cut operating and maintenance costs over the life cycle.

In recent years we have also been working on dismantling facilities that have reached the end of their working life, strengthening the recycling and recovery of materials, optimising both the environmental and financial benefits of steel and mechanical parts and blades, and seeking new options for turning waste into fuel, after removing any the individual parts that can be reused.





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