The Spanish Center for Technological and Industrial Development (CDTI) has recently published the report with the provisional results of the Spanish participation in Horizon 2020 (2014-2019) in which ESTEYCO SA reaches 20th position in H2020 returns on investment.

In the calls awarded in that period, the Spanish entities have obtained 4,761.6 million euros to carry out research and innovation activities in our country, reaching a return of 10.1% EU-28. In particular, in the calls awarded in 2019, subsidies amounting to 1,067 million euros were granted, which is the highest amount obtained by Spain in the Framework Program in a single year, reaching a return of 10.4% EU-28 .

Already facing the final stretch of H2020, the excellent results obtained so far consolidate Spain as the fourth country with the highest subsidy, behind Germany, the United Kingdom and France, the 3rd country in the presentation of proposals and the 1st in R&D project leadership , which reinforces the international positioning of our entities.

Source: CDTI