The roofing of the railway corridor accessing Sants station was an objective sought for a long time by Barcelona City Council to improve the environmental conditions of noise, vibration and the barrier effect on the transverse permeability suffered by the districts in the station area. The project was developed with the building of a double height roof some 760 m long and an area of 22,500 m2. The side enclosures of the roof, which generate a facade with an area of more than 11,300 m2, consist mostly of a diagonal wall of precast concrete, using glass to enclose the open spaces between the pieces and opaque enclosures where plant covering is planned.
The later landscaping extends both to the area of the roof and to the areas next to the railway corridor which, together with the provision of ramps, stairs and lifts between the various levels, form a large accessible avenue perfectly integrated into the urban environment and forming a vital area of great quality. The roof landscaping work terminated on 20 August 2016, generating a new quality urban space.
Esteyco developed the various constructional projects that contributed since 2005 to bring to reality the set of actions needed to undertake this important urban action for the city of Barcelona, generating more than 33,000 m2 of quality public space.