Barcelona (Spain)

The purpose of this project is to define the connection in mixed gauge – UIC and Iberian – for the sidings in the new Prat mole container terminal with the L’Energia mole terminals.
For the connection it is necessary to adapt the existing railway infrastructure on the L’Energia mole and to define a triangle that allows access by trains from the Can Tunis terminal via Calle 4 or from the Prat terminal mole to the L’Energia mole terminals.
For this it is necessary to replace the existing track mechanisms for ones of mixed gauge. The layout of the exiting tracks makes it necessary to install a manual changer on the line between the Prat mole and the L’Energia mole.
Along its approximately 470m, the alignment crosses over existing sewers. The load-bearing capacity of these sewers had to be checked, concluding that none of them needed reinforcing. Likewise, the repositioning of affected utilities was defined including a high voltage power line, high pressure gas pipeline and telecommunications line.